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We pride ourselves on having the most user friendly feeds to set up in your members area. Our FAQ below offers information and support with General Questions, Product Information, Billing, and Technical assistance. Please read through the FAQ and hit up support if you require further assistance. If what you are looking for is not included, please feel free to use the quick contact form on this page for assistance.


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Who Operates
How does the 7 day free trial work?
How do I become a customer/sign up?
Are all your feeds 2257 compliant and where can I find the 2257 Compliance information?
How much is PlugInFeeds Content?
Can I host the content?
Can I use any of the content for my tour or free sites?

No - PlugInFeeds clients are not allowed to post PlugInFeeds content or samples thereof on their site tours. PlugInFeeds content is for use in member's areas only. We do provide advertising banners & videos accessible through the client area for customers to use on tours. These are the only materials permitted for advertising on tours.

Can I create my own screen caps or video clips?
Is there a set length of time I must purchase PluginFeeds content for?
Will PlugInFeeds shut down my account?
How do I cancel my feeds?
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