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We pride ourselves on having the most user friendly feeds to set up in your members area. Our FAQ below offers information and support with General Questions, Product Information, Billing, and Technical assistance. Please read through the FAQ and hit up support if you require further assistance. If what you are looking for is not included, please feel free to use the quick contact form on this page for assistance.


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What if I had a bandwidth leak or my site got hacked?

PlugInFeeds staff is sensitive to client issues like this. As a standard practice we work to compromise on costs for clients dealing with bandwidth leaks. To ensure issues like this do not happen again, we put daily bandwidth usage caps on accounts that have had previous bandwidth leaks however, you are ultimately responsible for your sites' security.

I'm getting an error message, can you help me decipher it?
How do I set up the feeds in my members areas?
Who should I contact with member comments or problems?
What format are your feeds in?
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